The bigger the challenge, the bigger the smile. That seems to be the motto of Malwina Łączyńska, road and gravel cyclist from Warsaw, Poland. Malwina and her Pilot Celes with OHR Cycling R45 compete in many (inter) national races. As the roads get steeper, the smile grows!

Malwina: ‘I started cycling while I decided to compete triathlon in 2017. But it was hard to start from 0 with 3 disciplines, so after 2 years I decided to quit triathlon and just ride bike – for pleasure, for fun, for myself. But with time happened something more – as the distance grew, I felt stronger, i was capable to do more, faster, better. On that times I changed my roadbike 3 times – in 2020 as my birthday gift I bought my dream titanium Pilot roadbike. In 2020 I also decided to challenge myself more and try to compete in mountain road competition. I wanted to be faster and stronger, but also to visit beautiful places. I love riding in the mountains more than anything in the world.’

‘Riding a bike became something more, something that even I cannot explain in one word… it just stays in my heart, flourishes and rises each day, month, year.’