Rim Height 45mm
Inner Width 22mm
Outer Width 28mm
Hookless Rim 

Two To One Spoke Lacing
24 : 24 Spokes
PSR Wing 20 Spokes

UD Carbon with Glossy Finish
Max Tire Pressure 5 Bar – 73 PSI
1.532 Grams
Enduro Sealed Bearings
100×12 142×12



When every second counts, you just know you need a light and stiff wheel set. With its 45mm rim height, the R45 is the ideal all round race wheel. Every pedal stroke is a hit because of the OHR hubs we developed in-house. The hookless rim design gives you the opportunity to ride with a lower tire pressure, giving you more comfort without compromising the rolling resistance. You will never forget the amazing feeling of riding your first OHR categorie climb with these wheels.


Excellent sealing to last a lifetime! All OHR Cycling hubs are equipped with our own frictionless rubber shield to protect our engagement and ratchet system from dust, water, salt and mud. So your wheels will run like the wind even after many kilometers!


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