Meet Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Pellejero. Ultra cyclist, bike packer and overall good guy with roots in the hispanic world.

Nacho: ‘With a divided heart, born in Venezuela and raised in Spain in 2017 I decided to give a change to my life and go explore the world with my best friend and my bike. After three years traveling in our journey from Patagonia to Alaska we got stuck in Ecuador due to COVID pandemic and it was going to be here where I would develop my self as an ultra endurance cyclist. Nowadays I do some local bikepacking trips in Ecuador where I stayed living, but what I do the most is train for my ultra cycling and gravel races.’

‘Ultra cycling involves auto sufficiency in non-stop long distance races that go from about 600kms and getting to some of even 7400kms. What I like the most about this races is that you get to know yourself mentally and physically to levels that you probably would never get if not getting your body to the limits this races take you.’

OHR G45 

OHR Cycling supports Nacho with a G45 wheel set that is ready for all terrains! With an inner width of 24mm, there is place for a tire that will keep the rider comfortable over long distances. The 45mm high carbon rim and 2:1 spoke lacing make for a strong gravel wheel that is stiff and aerodynamic enough to go fast on light gravel and even tarmac. Nacho’s words: ‘I went for an epic test today to all kind of terrains being MTB mainly routes and I have to say that this wheels are amazing! Super light, absorb crazy bumps and feel super good in while riding.’