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Every morning of every day you have the option to be the best version of yourself. Set your goals, small or big, and do everything in your power to reach them. Choose the best handling, choose exceptional design, choose 2:1 lacing, choose hookless, choose the most durable hub with the best sealing. Together we will get there!

Be a part of the OHR Cycling journey and let OHR Cycling be a part of yours.


OHR Cycling X Isorex No Aqua Cycling Team

OHR Cycling is a proud sponsor of the Isorex No Aqua Ladies Cycling Team

Isorex No Aqua is a Belgian based ladies cycling team with Belgian and international riders. They are an ambitious clubteam enthusiasticly driven to become an UCI-team.
At Isorex No Aqua, they believe strongly in our hashtag #DePloegOpDeRoot which

Pimped with OHR R60: Pilot Celes

Every Pilot Celes comes with an OHR Cycling carbon wheel set. This one is equipped with our 60mm high R60 aero wheels! What a beast.

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